Get Ready for a Wild Weekend

What's all this now?

Gather round y'all, we're corralling all the Texas Bitcoiners together for a Texas Bitcoin Roundup!

The Texas Bitcoin Roundup is a networking event designed for Texans to meet and catch up with other Bitcoiners from all across the Lone Star State.

Texas First and

Bitcoin Only

Just how we like it!

We've planned a jam-packed Weekend for Texas Bitcoiners to get together and talk shop, swap stories, and get to know one another.

No Sh!tcoining allowed, or we'll swiftly give you the boot!

Our aim is to enable new friendships and create community with fellow Bitcoiners from all over the Great State of Texas.

Also... a loosely-planned conference

No Need to Rough It!

While the nights will be spent with rock-solid activities on the ranch, during the daylight hours we'll have roundtables and group brainstorming sessions, all in Un-Conference format. No matter how you shake it, we will be hanging out together in style!

A Hoe-Down with a Purpose

Let's Orangepill Texas!

The Roundup is a Fundraiser weekend whose proceeds go to the Texas Bitcoin Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to raising awareness about Bitcoin all across Texas.

Your donations and support help immensely in our outreach efforts!

Check out the Texas Bitcoin Project

We'd love to have you!

Get your tickets now, and join us to connect the entire Texas Bitcoin Network for a Statewide Sync!

Our aim is to increase the size and scope of the Texas Bitcoin Network, and we'd love to have YOU be a part of it!

With your help, we can boot-scoot our way to Texas Bitcoin adoption!

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What in Tarnation?


When's the Roundup?

Oct 13th and 14th, 2023

Where's the Roundup?

Just outside of Fort Worth. Friday is South of Fort Worth, Saturday is North of Fort Worth.

Event Venue details will be shared after your ticket purchase.

Who is the Roundup for?

The Roundup is for Texas Bitcoin Maximalists! We are a moderately small crew, and the Roundup is our chance to meet, catch up and collaborate with each other state-wide.

Is this an event intended to Orangepill people?

No, not at all. This event is for Bitcoin Maximalists who have already been down the rabbit-hole.

We will have separate future events in store to educate new folks!

Why is this Free?

Our aim is to build an one-of-a-kind annual event that gets people excited and pumped up to be a part of the Texas Bitcoin community.

There isn't really a way around it... As a non-profit we are totally dependent on the generosity of fellow Bitcoiners. There WILL be a fundraising portion at this event... Womp womp.

Fortunately, all donations are totally voluntary (phew!). If you don't want to give for any reason whatsoever, it's all good!

That said, in good faith we will happily go first... We're thrilled to be able to donate back to our community to put on an awesome experience for y'all!

So join us for a great event - and feel free to bring a date or friend!

Do I have to donate to attend?

Nope! It's a fundraising weekend, but all donations are voluntary. If you don't want to donate anything, that is peachy keen with us! The only rule is to have fun with your fellow Texans.

Where can I stay?

Our hotel booking page is here.

We will be at the Hilton Fort Worth.

What's the Dress Code?

Cowboy and Cowgirl attire welcome! That said, there is no dress code at the Roundup.

Can I bring a Friend or Date?

Yep! Just register for 2 tickets so we have an accurate headcount.

Are kids allowed?

Yep! Kids can come for free.

That said, we don't have any child-specific programming or entertainment. There also will be alcoholic drinks around in the evening.

Will there be Parking?

Yes, will be free parking available at the event venues.

What's the Texas Bitcoin Project?

Check out more details at!

Can I Sponsor the Roundup?

Yes! Just reach out to us for details.

No Sh!tcoins or Web3 projects.

Can Non-Texans Attend?

Yes, we will allow it. Just be respectful!

Can Non-Bitcoiners Attend?


  • Gary Leland

    The Man, the Myth, the Legend. Founder of BitBlockBoom, the longest running Bitcoin conference.

  • Michael Atwood

    Founder of the Oshi App and Organizer of the Austin Bitcoin Club.

  • S2l1

    Co-Founder of RoninDojo, Freedom and Privacy advocate.

  • Audrey Merkle and Pinto Pete

    Charismatic hosts of the Merkle Treehouse Podcast.

  • Sov.Hodl

    Organizer of the Round Rock Bitcoin Meetup

  • Car Gonzalez

    Co-founder of PlebLab, a Bitcoin Hackerspace and Community Accelerator in Austin, Texas.

  • Rocky Wold

    Unchained Rep and Co-organizer of the Dallas Bitcoin Meetup

  • Quinsolo

    Citadel21 manager and Self-Sovereignty expert

  • Jonathan LaBar

    President of the Texas Bitcoin Project; all around smooth-brain.


Join us Y'all!

We'd love to have you join us for an incredible weekend of fun and festivities.

Get your tickets now... while supplies last!

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